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Larry Williams: Successful Trader Thanks to Technical and Fundamental Combination

Larry Williams is a renowned trader who is more famous for his achievements in the trading world than as the father of the famous actress Michelle Williams. He has written numerous books and created various popular trading indicators. One aspect that makes Williams stand out is his approach that combines technical and fundamental analysis.

Williams, who was previously a marathon runner, sees parallels between success in trading and long-distance running. For him, the key to success in both is resilience and perseverance. He compares the fatigue and pain experienced in marathon running to the challenges faced in trading, including when experiencing losses.

Initially, Williams traded in the stock market before switching to the commodities market on the advice of a friend. His decision paid off handsomely, and he became the champion of the Robbins World Cup Trading Championship in 1987 by turning an initial capital of $10,000 into $1,100,000 within 12 months.

His success didn't stop there. His children, including Michelle Williams and Jason Williams, also followed in his footsteps in the trading world. Michelle won the same championship ten years later, while Jason has written a book on the psychology of trading.

Williams employs a "contextual" approach in his trading, which involves a combination of technical and fundamental analysis. He is known as the creator of various trading indicators, such as Williams %R, Ultimate Oscillator, and COT Index. According to him, it is important to always refer to market sentiment when using technical indicators.

Although he focuses on Treasury Bond Futures, S&P 500, and forex, Williams advises traders not to be too emotional in trading. He emphasizes the importance of forward thinking and avoiding emotional involvement that can disrupt rational decision-making.

For beginner traders, Williams suggests starting slowly, giving enough time and funds for learning and practice. He emphasizes the importance of having targets and remaining objective in managing risks and profits.

Williams faces trading challenges with a simple philosophy: "Keep running." For him, consistency and resilience are the keys to long-term success in the trading world.


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