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Profile of Joe Biden: The New US President Who Defeated Trump

In 2020, the American people elected Joe Biden, a 78-year-old man, to lead their country. That year was full of challenges, with the ongoing pandemic and economic instability, along with the captivating US Presidential Election that caught the world's attention. As one of the global powers, the profile of the US leader has a significant impact, especially on the value of the US Dollar. After the election drama, Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump and became the President-elect.

Joe Biden's Profile: Political Experience Since Youth

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, born on November 20, 1942, is not a newcomer to US politics. Before serving as vice president under Barack Obama, Biden had long been involved in politics. He became the youngest senator in the US at the age of 29 and served Delaware for several decades. His political life is marked by a focus on issues such as consumer protection, the environment, and government accountability.

Personal Life and Biden's Political Views

Biden, a Catholic, experienced family tragedy with the death of his first wife in a car accident. He has written books about his life experiences, including moments of loss, as well as the dynamics of his political career. As a member of the Democratic Party, Biden holds liberal but sometimes conservative views. He supports civil rights, elderly welfare, and healthcare, but disagrees with abortion and military conscription.

Projection of the US Economy Under the Biden Administration

The Biden administration is expected to be softer on stimulus policies and COVID-19 handling. This could pressure the value of the US Dollar and push policies such as increasing the federal minimum wage. Biden is also committed to reducing US carbon emissions, marking a difference from Trump's pro-oil policies. However, not everyone is pleased with his economic policies, especially investors who are not interested in low interest rates and potential tax policies.

With extensive political experience, Biden faces a challenging task as the 46th President of the United States. In a globally pressured environment, Biden's next actions will be highly anticipated.


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