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Academic Achievements vs. Trading Achievements: Recognizing the Differences

Understanding theories in the forex market doesn't always guarantee success in trading. When I started my trading journey, I was confident that I would succeed quickly. Sound arrogant? Honestly, it wasn't intentional. I thought that understanding trading would be equivalent to my understanding of economic theory, including markets, supply and demand laws, as well as analysis techniques and statistics, which I mastered relatively easily during my college days.

Influenced by my experience as a quick learner, I felt I could become a trading expert quickly. That confidence was too high. How were my trading results in the first month? Quite successful... with a Margin Call! Learning trading brought a very different experience for me. Honestly, I felt like I "knew nothing" and "it meant nothing" in trading. But, failure didn't make me give up. It actually became an interesting challenge for me.

Academic achievements, even in the field of economics, do not guarantee ease in trading. Intelligence is indeed important to understand the market quickly, but it is not always synonymous with outstanding academic achievement. I have trader friends with master's degrees who experienced failure when they started learning trading. Trading is influenced more by psychological aspects than technical ones. I was skeptical before, but eventually realized that psychology is crucial in trading.

While understanding basic techniques is important, psychological maturity is what determines success. That's why psychologists can actually become better traders than economic experts. But, you don't have to graduate in psychology to succeed in trading. I just want to convey that a basic understanding of markets and statistics is not enough. What matters is psychological maturity.

So, for trader friends with backgrounds in economics and statistics, don't be too confident. Even if you master fundamental analysis and statistics, psychological maturity needs to be honed before becoming a successful trader. For those who don't have backgrounds in economics and statistics, don't despair. What is needed in trading is willingness, perseverance, and patience. Educational background does not determine trading achievements. So, never give up!


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