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Guide to Successful Trading by Havidz Najjar with 500 Thousand Capital

Havidz Najjar's trading journey hasn't always been smooth. Despite experiencing losses of millions of rupiah, he didn't give up. Instead, he became more diligent in learning until he discovered a trading plan called Fibo Greedy. Forex, a world promising profits yet full of risks. Like many other traders, Havidz was attracted to forex because it seemed easy, but eventually faced consecutive losses. After two tough years, with only 500,000 IDR left, he didn't surrender and continued learning.

Equipped with knowledge from successful traders, he is now able to generate turnovers of tens of millions every month. Here are some tips from Havidz Najjar:

  1. Joining a Community

When facing losses, Havidz founded the Boring Trader community to educate the public about trading and prevent fraudulent investments. Joining a community provides insights and experiences from other traders. Join a community to gain deep understanding and minimize risks.

  1. Observe, Imitate, Modify

Havidz learned independently from various sources, including YouTube and training sessions. The result was a trading plan called Fibo Greedy, a modification of several trading systems. Havidz emphasizes the importance of understanding trading knowledge and its risks to optimize income.

  1. Always Remember the 5 Basic Truths of Trading

Havidz emphasizes the importance of understanding the 5 basic truths of trading:

  • Risk management is crucial.
  • No one can always predict prices accurately.
  • Use risk-to-reward ratios that make sense.
  • Remember, you're a trader, not a fortune teller.
  • Trading is a business that must grow.

Remember these basic truths when trading. Although not always winning, the important thing is to ensure that profits outweigh losses. What is needed as a trader is the ability to make money, not the ability to predict prices accurately. Trading is a business that must be managed well, focusing on risk management and account growth.


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