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Guide to Forex Trading with Pair Correlation Technique

The pair correlation trading technique leverages the relationship between two or more currency pairs in forex trading. Correlation can be positive, meaning currency pairs tend to move in the same direction, or negative, meaning they tend to move in opposite directions.

Understanding Correlation Coefficients: 

The Pearson correlation coefficient is a measure used to assess the correlation between two currency pairs. It ranges from 1 to -1, with 1 indicating perfect positive correlation and -1 indicating perfect negative correlation. A coefficient of 0 indicates no correlation.

Example of Trading with Positive Correlation: 

An example of currency pairs with positive correlation is EUR/USD and GBP/USD. If you believe that both pairs will strengthen, you can open buy positions on both to increase profit potential. Conversely, if you anticipate a decrease in prices, you can open sell positions on both.

Example of Trading with Negative Correlation: 

An example of currency pairs with negative correlation is EUR/USD and USD/CHF. If you want to protect your funds against risk in one currency pair, you can open a buy position on one and a sell position on the other. This strategy is also known as hedging.

Pair Correlation Technique in Commodity Trading: 

In addition to currency correlations, there are also correlations between currency values and commodity prices such as crude oil and gold. For instance, the Canadian Dollar correlates positively with oil prices, while the Australian Dollar correlates positively with gold prices.

Key Points:

  • Forex pair correlations can be positive or negative.
  • The pair correlation technique can be applied to both forex and CFD trading.
  • Forex pair correlations can be utilized to enhance profits or protect trading positions.
  • Some currencies also correlate with specific commodity prices such as oil and gold.

By understanding and effectively applying pair correlation techniques, you can increase profit potential and reduce risk in forex trading. However, as with any trading strategy, it's important to conduct thorough analysis and manage risks carefully.


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