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FSO System: A Guide to Trading with Fractal Stochastic Oscillator

The FSO (Fractal Stochastic Oscillator) system is a trading system that utilizes the Fractal Stochastic Oscillator indicator with parameters 14,3,3 on a 15-minute timeframe (though it can be experimented with on other timeframes). Here are the steps for its usage:

Required Indicator:

  • Fractal Stochastic Oscillator 14,3,3 with Simple Moving Average method and Close Field.

Usage Steps:

  1. Currency/Pair and Time Frame: All currency pairs can be used, with the recommended timeframe being 15 minutes. However, you can try this system on other timeframes if desired.
  2. Entry Buy:
    • A Fractal appears.
    • The oscillator is at the level of 20.
  3. Entry Sell:
    • A Fractal appears.
    • The oscillator is at the level of 80.
  4. Exit/Take Profit:
    • Take profits ranging from 1-20 pips.
    • If there's a signal of a direction change or reversal.

By following these rules, you can enter buy or sell positions according to market conditions and take profits when the target is reached or when there's a signal of a direction change. It's important to test and adjust this system according to your preferences and trading style. Additionally, good risk management is crucial to ensure long-term success.


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