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Revealing Trading Tricks by Utilizing Yesterday's High and Low Prices

Have you ever thought about profiting from yesterday's high and low price movements? Turns out, with patience and the right strategy, it can be achieved. Let's explore this trick in this article.

  1. 1. Currency Usage: EUR/USD

  2. In this trick, the currency used is EUR/USD. This currency pair is often chosen by traders due to its high liquidity and stable price movements.

  3. 2. Pending Order System Using Yesterday's High and Low
    To implement this trick, we use a pending order system by leveraging the high and low prices from the previous trading session. To determine these high and low levels, we can use Pivot indicators.

  4. 3. Minimum Take Profit of 10-20 Pips
    In applying this trick, we set a minimum take profit of 10-20 pips. This can help us to consistently gain profits.

Example Application of the Trick:

For instance, we observe the high and low from the previous trading session. Next, we place pending orders according to these high and low levels. It's important to ensure that the price is in the middle before placing pending orders. If there are candles that do not exceed yesterday's high or low, it indicates that the currency pair's movement range tends to be narrow. Thus, we can make more precise trading decisions.

Trading tricks by utilizing yesterday's high and low prices can be an effective strategy for gaining profits in forex trading. However, it's important to remember that patience and practice are the keys to success in applying this trick. Always be vigilant about news that can affect price movements, especially news with high impact.

So, let's keep practicing and honing our trading skills. Who knows, this trick could be one of the keys to our trading success in the future. Thanks to those who shared this trick, may it be beneficial to us all. Remember, practice first before diving into the real market!


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