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Introducing Darvas Box: Trading Strategy from a Successful Dancer

Nicolas Darvas achieved profits of up to 2,000 USD in the stock market by simply using a technique of drawing boxes. Now, his trading strategy can also be applied in the forex market. Although initially sounding peculiar, understanding a trading strategy from a dancer like Darvas can be inspiring for many traders. Let's explore further.

Nicolas Darvas: A Successful Dancer in the Trading World

Despite having studied economics, Nicolas Darvas is better known as a dancer who frequently toured various cities. However, behind his career as a dancer, Darvas achieved great success in the stock market. Through the Darvas Box strategy, he managed to turn a $36,000 investment into over $2 million in just 18 months. His book, "How I Made 2,000,000 USD in the Stock Market," further added to his popularity in the trading world.

What is Darvas Box and How Does It Work?

Darvas Box is a trading strategy that relies on the formation of boxes around prices. When these boxes move in the direction of the trend and reach a breakout point, Darvas utilizes that moment to make transactions. Although it seems simple, this strategy has a more complex explanation behind it.

Application of Darvas Box in Trading

The momentum strategy of Darvas Box is more effective in bullish markets and is suitable for short-term trading styles. Darvas traded stocks with a holding period of less than 1 year. In its application, traders need to observe the clear formation of "boxes" as consolidation areas in prices. By using the Resistance (upper) and Support (lower) levels of the box, traders can determine the right time to enter and exit the market.

Is the Darvas Box Strategy Without Risk?

Although the Darvas Box strategy has proven effective in bullish markets, traders need to be cautious of price movements that are too fast. Nicolas Darvas himself once experienced losses of up to $2,000 due to misidentifying stocks whose movements did not align with the Darvas Box. From this experience, he drew some valuable lessons, including using Trailing Stop Loss to protect profits.

Application of the Darvas Box Strategy in Forex

The Darvas Box strategy can also be applied in the forex market with ease. By observing price movements on weekly time frames and selecting currency pairs with tight movements, traders can identify profitable trading opportunities. In forex, traders can take Buy positions when prices penetrate Resistance and Sell positions when prices penetrate Support.

The Darvas Box strategy is a useful tool for traders to identify trading opportunities in both the stock and forex markets. With proper understanding and wise usage, this strategy can help traders make better decisions and improve their trading results. However, it's important to remember that no trading strategy is without risk. Patience, discipline, and good risk management are still required to achieve success in trading.

Therefore, a deep understanding of the Darvas Box and the ability to apply it effectively can be a powerful weapon for traders in facing the complex dynamics of the market.


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