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Trading Forex with Family: Secrets of Success and Resilience from Bad Experiences

Many forex traders choose diverse approaches to trading, including some who involve their families in the trading world. One notable example is Rushan Giniyatullin, a trader who achieved significant success in the Formula FX trading contest round 186, generating a profit of up to 780% in a week. A post-victory interview revealed some secrets of his success and how he bounced back from bad experiences. This article will outline interesting points from that interview.

Key Points from the Interview:

  1. 1. Approach to Trading:

    • Trading is not Rushan's main profession, but he consistently monitors market developments.
    • He utilizes indicators such as MACD, Moving Average with periods of 500 and 700.
    • His approach is aggressive, often engaging in large-volume trades and opting for medium-term positions.

  2. 2. Involvement with Family:

    • Although he prefers trading alone, Rushan enjoys trading with his parents.
    • He considers his parents as role models who provide a more visionary perspective.

  3. 3. Choosing Trading over Investment:

    • Rushan prefers trading over investing.
    • He had a dismal experience with investments and prefers focusing on trading activities with significant volumes.

  4. 4. Bouncing Back from Bad Experiences:

    • Rushan emphasizes that trading doesn't have to be a full-time job, and he seeks enjoyment from other activities like fishing.
    • His bad experiences in trading didn't deter him; instead, he found renewed spirit and a way back into the forex world.

The interview with Rushan Giniyatullin provides insights into his success in forex trading, especially in contests. Factors such as family involvement and overcoming bad experiences with renewed enthusiasm serve as inspiration for other traders. With a focus on technical analysis, the use of large volumes, and family support, this article offers valuable ideas for traders aiming to achieve success with their families in the forex trading world.


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