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Becoming a Successful Forex Trader: The Story of V3 Trader, a Homemaker Fulfilling Her Dreams

In the world of forex trading, success is not limited to professionals alone. Bunda Fitri, known as V3 Trader, has proven that every woman, even those who work as homemakers, can excel as forex traders. This article will narrate V3 Trader's journey, from her introduction to forex to turning it into a fulfilling profession.

  1. 1. Homemaker Turned Forex Trader:
  • From an early age, Bunda Fitri began her trading day around 3 or 4 in the morning. Despite her role as a trader, she efficiently multitasked, fulfilling household duties such as cooking and laundry. By 9 a.m., after completing her household chores, she dedicated herself entirely to forex trading and homeschooling her child.
  1. 2. Introduction to Forex Through Her Husband:
  • Initially a music enthusiast, Bunda Fitri discovered the world of forex through her husband. Despite feeling unfamiliar at first, witnessing her husband's relaxed demeanor and ample free time intrigued her. Her husband became her personal forex tutor, and since 2014, Bunda Fitri earnestly started learning forex through a demo account.
  1. 3. Balancing Trading and Motherhood Responsibilities:
  • After diligent learning, Bunda Fitri became a skilled forex trader. Proficient in scalping, she even applied for a position as an analysis writer at Seputarforex.com. The flexibility of trading hours allowed her to generate profits without sacrificing family time.
  1. 4. Favorite Meditation Community and Forex Forum:
  • Bunda Fitri and her husband joined both forex and meditation communities. They found that meditation helped control the psyche, a crucial aspect for a trader. Her favorite forex forum, KG Forex, discussed forex topics in an understandable language, especially in technical analysis.
  1. 5. V3 Trader's Trading Strategy:
  • As a scalper, Bunda Fitri advises novice traders to understand candlestick patterns and use supporting indicators like zig-zag and moving averages. She emphasizes the importance of careful analysis and warns against executing trades without thorough analysis, emphasizing that forex trading is not a gamble.
  1. 6. V3 Trader's Targets in the Forex World:
  • With patience and extra effort, Bunda Fitri strives to achieve her goal of turning a $5-10 capital into $100 within a few days. Although challenging, she believes that with a simple method, she can provide trading opportunities to the wider public.

The V3 Trader story is inspiring, proving that a homemaker can succeed as a forex trader. With dedication, patience, and accurate analysis, Bunda Fitri demonstrates that forex trading is not exclusive but accessible to anyone with the confidence and willingness to learn.

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