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Maximize Profit with Two Premier Trading Strategies by Nial Fuller

Nial Fuller, the winner of the Inaugural Million Dollar Trader Competition, has achieved an impressive 369% profit in just 3 months. With over 20 years of trading experience, he shares two favorite trading tricks to help traders maximize their trading results. This article will review both strategies along with practical examples, providing valuable insights for traders looking to enhance their profitability.

Who is Nial Fuller?

Nial Fuller is a trader, author, and coach with an impressive track record in trading. With his website boasting over 250,000 readers, Fuller is recognized as one of the world's leading trading coaches. His victory in the 2016 Million Dollar Trader Competition is a concrete proof of his expertise and success in achieving significant profits. Fuller remains active in trading forex, indices, commodities, and Futures and CFD equities while continuing to provide training through his private website, Learn To Trade The Market.

Nial Fuller's Favorite Trading Strategies:

  1. 1. Second Chance Entry:

  • Don't panic when missing out on entry opportunities from good initial signals. Fuller utilizes the second chance opportunity strategy by patiently waiting for prices to return to the breakout price area or the initial entry signal.
  • Application Example: A reversal pin bar candlestick pattern at a resistance level forms a second chance opportunity for a sell entry with a stop loss placed above the first pin bar candlestick.
    1. 2. 50% Fibonacci Retracement Level Entry:

    • Fuller favors this strategy as it aligns with his swing trading style. Waiting for prices to pull back to the 50% Fibonacci Retracement level, he uses a limit order based on the pin bar candlestick pattern.
    • Application Example: A limit order is placed at the 50% Fibonacci Retracement level after a pullback indicated by a long-tailed pin bar candlestick on XAU/USD.

      Nial Fuller's two trading strategies, Second Chance Entry and 50% Fibonacci Retracement Level Entry, have proven effective in increasing profitability. With precision in entries, Fuller maximizes profit potential based on risk and reward ratio. Although conditions supporting these strategies may not always arise, keenness and patience in seizing opportunities are the keys to success. For traders interested in Fuller's strategies, discipline and patience are crucial, as good trading techniques still require precision and good self-control.


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