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10 Basic Questions about Price Action Trading Frequently Asked by Traders

Price Action Trading is a trading method that often raises several questions for beginners. This article will answer ten basic questions about Price Action Trading, providing insights to those seeking a deeper understanding. Galen Woods, an experienced trader, will share his insights on the fundamentals of Price Action Trading commonly asked by beginners. With ten years of experience in the trading world, Galen Woods has found his passion for trading and chosen Price Action as his method. This article will discuss the answers to these ten basic questions.

  1. 1. What is Price Action?

    • Price Action is the study of price movements, understanding what has, is, and will be done by the market.
    • Price Action traders don't rely heavily on technical indicators, focusing more on changes in patterns, shapes, or candlestick bar formations.

  2. 2. Is Price Action Useful?

    • Yes, Price Action is very useful for understanding market sentiment, helping to formulate accurate entry and exit points.
    • Understanding market sentiment is important, but traders also need to practice, learn, and be prepared to face trading risks.

  3. 3. What Time Frame is Most Suitable for Price Action Trading?

    • The choice of Time Frame depends on the risk that can be taken, the time available for trading, the speed of Price Action analysis, market volatility and liquidity, and each trader's trading style.

  4. 4. Which is Better, Trading with Indicators or Price Action?

    • There's no need to choose between the two, as both can be used together.
    • Try and explore both, then decide which suits your trading style best.

  5. 5. Is Price Action a Form of Technical Analysis?

    • Yes, Price Action is included in technical analysis as it focuses on price movement and time.

  6. 6. What is the Best Price Action Strategy?

    • The best strategy is the one that fits the skills and experience of the trader, not necessarily what others consider the best.
    • Beginners are advised to choose a strategy that provides many opportunities to learn.

  7. 7. Is Price Action Good for Scalping?

    • Price Action can be effective for scalping as it allows direct analysis of price movements, without having to wait for indicator signals.

  8. 8. What Are Some Good Websites to Learn Price Action?

    • Some websites recommended by Galen Woods include TradingSetupReview[dot]com and ThePatternSite[dot]com.
    • Seputarforex[dot]com is also a good source of information.

  9. 9. Which is Better, Learning Price Action Through Books or Watching Videos?

    • Galen suggests learning through reading, whether through books or educational websites.
    • Reading helps reinforce analysis and making the right decisions before trading.

  10. 10. Where Can I Find More Detailed Tutorials on Price Action?

    • There are many options for in-depth tutorials, such as reading e-books or specific books about Price Action.
    • Seputarforex provides free e-books, and trading courses are also an alternative.

This article discusses the basics of Price Action Trading commonly asked by traders. With answers from Galen Woods, it is hoped to provide enlightenment to readers to be more enthusiastic about learning Price Action Trading. It's important to remember that no trading method guarantees 100% success; what determines success is the understanding and skills of the trader and having reasons for every trading decision.


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