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Learning to Create a Trading Plan

Creating a structured, practical, realistic, and effective trading plan is a crucial step towards achieving success in trading. Many traders either lack a good plan or are unaware of the important points to consider. This article will explore how to create a trading plan that can help you achieve your trading goals more effectively.

Why Create a Trading Plan? 

There are two main reasons why a trading plan is crucial for your success:

  1. Managing Emotional Risks: A trading plan helps prevent emotional involvement in trading. Emotions like revenge after a loss or euphoria after a profit can lead to poor trading decisions. With a trading plan, you'll only follow predetermined steps, thereby reducing the risk of emotional decisions.

  2. Enhancing Trading Quality: The quality of your trading is determined by the accuracy of your trading positions and how the market responds to them. A trading plan ensures that you enter the market only when market conditions align with your trading method. For instance, if using Price Action, you'll only enter the market when the Price Action setup is appropriate.

What Should Be Included in a Trading Plan? 

Here are several key points that should be included in a trading plan. You can add additional points that you find important, but ensure the plan doesn't become overly complex:

  1. Trading Goals:

    • Short-term: Achieving consistent monthly profits, practicing discipline in following the trading plan, and avoiding market interference after opening positions.
    • Long-term: Increasing the balance in your trading account within a specified period, such as one year, with a specific target.
  2. Trading Method:

    • Example: If using Price Action, analyze market conditions on the daily chart. Determine whether the market is trending or consolidating. Use indicators like EMA 8 and EMA 21 to determine momentum for opening positions.
  3. Trading Strategy:

    • Example: If the market is strongly trending, use averaging or pyramiding techniques with a trailing stop to maximize profits. Adjust strategies according to current market conditions.
  4. Money Management:

    • Define the risk-to-reward ratio and the lot size for each position opened. For instance, risk per trade could be 3% of the balance with a risk/reward ratio of 1:2.
  5. Double Check Before Entry:

    • Perform a reassessment before opening positions to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Example of a Trading Plan Scenario: 

Here's an example scenario of a trading plan:

  1. Trading Goals:

    • Short-term: Achieve consistent monthly profits, maintain discipline in following the plan, avoid market interference.
    • Long-term: Increase account balance to USD 250,000 within one year.
  2. Trading Method:

    • Analyze the market using the daily chart and Price Action setups. Use EMA 8 and EMA 21 to determine momentum.
  3. Trading Strategy:

    • If the market is strongly trending, employ pyramiding techniques. Open additional positions and adjust stop losses to maximize profits.
  4. Money Management:

    • For example, risk per trade is 3% of the balance with a stop loss of 70 pips and a profit target of 150 pips. Calculate lot size based on risk.
  5. Double Check:

    • Verify conditions and calculations before opening positions.

A trading plan serves as a critical guide in forex trading. Since trading is a business, the goal is to generate profits. A good trading plan is based on trading experience, tested strategies, and summarized in a straightforward checklist that is easy to understand and follow. Discipline in adhering to the trading plan is key to achieving success in forex trading.


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