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Jarratt Davis: From Self-Taught Trader to Renowned Hedge Fund Founder

Jarratt Davis is a professional trader who started from scratch and successfully built a hedge fund and a trading education institution. Here is the inspiring career journey of Jarratt Davis from a beginner to a prominent investment manager and founder of a beneficial trading academy.

Early Career of Jarratt Davis

Jarratt Davis was born in London and became interested in forex trading after seeing an advertisement about forex trading while browsing at home. Without any formal educational background in trading, he began his journey self-taught by:

  • Downloading a Demo Trading Platform: Initially, Jarratt had no basic knowledge about trading concepts like pips, margin, or market structure. He started by learning from online tutorials and free content on the internet.
  • Learning from Tutorials and Videos: Davis purchased tutorial videos to gain a deeper understanding of forex trading.

Despite learning extensively, his performance was not satisfying. He continued to incur losses and felt frustrated due to frequently changing trading systems.

Turning Point in Profitability

Jarratt Davis's trading life experienced a significant change when he met a professional trader on an online forum. Through conversations with this trader, Jarratt learned that not all traders use the same technical approach. This was a turning point that led him to self-evaluation and:

  • Changing Trading Approach: Davis began to study trading concepts more deeply and focus on more effective analysis.
  • Starting to Gain Consistent Profits: After changing his approach, Jarratt Davis started to generate consistent profits and began selling trading signals online.

Becoming a Professional Trader

Jarratt Davis had the opportunity to work as an investment manager at a company based in Hong Kong and London. In this position, he achieved several significant accomplishments:

  • Managing Funds up to USD 10 Million per Day: During his six months as an investment manager, Davis managed funds up to USD 10 million per day.
  • Personal Profit of USD 1 Million: Davis accumulated a personal profit of USD 1 million in a short period.

After succeeding at the investment company, Davis founded his own hedge fund in the Cayman Islands regulated by the CIMA (Cayman Islands Monetary Authority). Here, he managed funds from various investors based on the experience and knowledge gained over the years.

Success from the Brexit Referendum

During the Brexit referendum in June 2016, Jarratt Davis saw a great opportunity from market volatility. Based on his analysis, he:

  • Assessed GBP as Overbought: Davis noticed GBP was at an overly high level.
  • Successful Trading Strategy: He made five entries on the GBP/JPY, GBP/USD, and EUR/JPY currency pairs, yielding an 11% profit with only 1% risk per trade.
  • Total Profit: From this strategy, Jarratt Davis gained a profit of USD 110,000.

Jarratt Davis's Trading Method

In his records, Jarratt Davis reveals several key principles in forex trading:

  • Focus on Fundamental Analysis: Davis believes that fundamental analysis is crucial for identifying patterns in financial news that affect the market.
  • Importance of Market Sentiment: Understanding market sentiment is key to spotting profitable trading opportunities. This sentiment explains current market patterns and trends.
  • Practice and Evaluation: Davis emphasizes the importance of continuous practice, evaluating trading results, and developing strategies based on evaluation outcomes.

"The key is fundamental. Fundamental analysis means finding patterns in financial news and is something very important for successful trading."

Sharing Knowledge and Experience

As part of his dedication to sharing knowledge, Jarratt Davis founded the Jarratt Davis Trading Academy, offering various educational materials and trading courses:

  • Free Tutorial Materials: Fundamental Analysis 101 and a trading series covering methodology, fundamental analysis, and common trading mistakes.
  • FX News Edge: A platform in collaboration with Metaquotes providing an overview of high-impact financial events, with interpretations from Jarratt Davis and his team.
  • Weekly Video Presentations: Providing economic calendar analysis for the upcoming week.

Three Key Concepts of Forex Trading

Jarratt Davis identifies three main concepts crucial for successful forex trading:

  1. Fundamental Analysis: Understanding economic factors that influence currency prices.
  2. Risk Management: Carefully managing risk to protect capital and maximize profit potential.
  3. Trading Psychology: Maintaining emotional and mental stability in the face of market fluctuations.

Davis also recommends trading without leverage as much as possible to avoid excessive risk.

Jarratt Davis's story is a testament that with perseverance, learning from experience, and focusing on fundamental analysis, one can transform their trading journey from a beginner to a successful investment manager and hedge fund founder. Through the Jarratt Davis Trading Academy and various educational initiatives, he continues to share his knowledge with other traders to help them achieve success.

Lessons from Jarratt Davis

  • Learn from Mistakes: Early mistakes are part of the learning process.
  • Focus on Fundamentals: Fundamental analysis and market understanding are key to successful trading.
  • Share Knowledge: Establishing educational institutions and sharing knowledge can help other traders achieve success.

By following the steps and principles practiced by Jarratt Davis, you too can start your journey toward success in forex trading.


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