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Journey of Tom DeMark: From Trader to Creator of the DeMark Indicators

Tom DeMark is a prominent figure in the world of trading and investment, renowned for his creation of the DeMark indicators and his esteemed role as an investment consultant. Here are key points about his successful journey and his views on trading:

Tom DeMark's Success Story

  1. Early Career and Involvement with National Investment Service:

    • Tom DeMark began his career as a fundamental analyst at the National Investment Service in the early 1970s. This firm managed pension funds and profit-sharing assets, focusing heavily on market timing strategies.
    • During the market crisis of 1973-1974, the firm not only survived but flourished, increasing its managed assets from around $300 million to $6 billion USD. Much of this success was attributed to DeMark's market timing strategies.
  2. Creation of the DeMark Indicators:

    • One of Tom DeMark's significant contributions to trading is the development of the DeMark Indicator, designed to assist traders in identifying market trends and reversals.
    • This indicator has proven effective in providing accurate buy and sell signals, including warning signals before market crashes such as the one in 1987.
  3. Views on Market Timing:

    • Tom DeMark strongly believes in the principles of market timing for making trading decisions. Market timing involves predicting price movements based on comprehensive market analysis, whether fundamental or technical, across entire markets rather than individual assets.
    • According to DeMark, his technical indicators measure market psychology and help traders make more informed decisions.
  4. Books and Collaborations:

    • DeMark authored the well-known book titled The New Science of Technical Analysis, where he shares ideas and principles behind his technical indicators. This book has become a vital guide for many traders and investors.
    • Additionally, DeMark collaborated with other figures like Larry Williams to develop new indicators and continue advancing technical analysis methods.
  5. Advice for Novice Traders:

    • Tom DeMark advises novice traders to remain open to learning and to experiment with new trading methods.
    • It's crucial to trade objectively, using objective technical indicators, to avoid emotional biases and impulsive decisions that can lead to losses.
  6. Use of the DeMarker Indicator:

    • One of DeMark's indicators, the DeMarker, is available on trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 (MT4). This indicator is popular among forex traders and aids in technical analysis.

Tom DeMark exemplifies how expertise in market analysis and indicator development can significantly contribute to trading success. His disciplined approach to market timing and the use of his technical indicators have inspired traders worldwide to enhance their trading strategies and decision-making processes.


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