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Jake Bernstein: Objective Approach in Futures Market Trading

Jake Bernstein is a well-known trader recognized for his objective technical analysis approach, particularly in trading futures markets. Here are some key points about his trading method and views:

Jake Bernstein Profile

  • Background: Jake Bernstein originally trained as a psychologist. He became interested in futures trading after responding to an advertisement in a newspaper and undergoing brief training from the broker.
  • Early Trading Career: Bernstein initially experienced rapid success but also significant losses. This prompted him to conduct further research and develop his own trading system based on disciplined technical analysis.
  • Trading Method: Bernstein focuses on objective technical analysis, utilizing chart patterns and market cycles as the basis for decision-making. He avoids overly subjective approaches such as Elliott Wave theory, which he finds challenging to consistently base analysis on.
  • Contributions and Education: As the author of more than 40 books on trading and the founder of MBH Commodity Advisors, Bernstein is actively involved in conducting workshops and seminars on trading. He frequently appears in media outlets such as CNBC and Wall Street Week to provide market analysis.
  • Trading Philosophy: Bernstein emphasizes the importance of objectivity in technical analysis. For him, a chart pattern should be interpretable consistently by many different people. This ensures that trading decisions are based on reliable data and are not influenced by subjective perceptions.

Jake Bernstein exemplifies a successful trader with a proven objective technical analysis approach. With extensive experience in the trading industry, he continues to contribute to educating and developing trading strategies trusted by traders worldwide. Bernstein's focus on chart patterns and market cycles underscores that discipline and consistency are key to achieving long-term success in trading.


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