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Forex is Self-Control

Mastering your craft is the key to success. Similarly, in forex trading, a trader must be able to master the market. Discussions about Forex will never cease, whether it's about technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading psychology, or various other analyses related to Forex. However, one thing is certain: all these analyses have the same goal—to find ways to navigate the highly dynamic market movements.

Because of the highly dynamic market, it is very difficult to find a standardized system that can help a trader fully control market movements. Essentially, Forex trading is about self-control, particularly the trader's self-control compared to technical trading. The function of self-control is to enable traders to maintain clarity of mind, thus always acting rationally in every transaction.

With good self-control, a trader is not easily swayed by dynamic candle movements, does not act out of revenge after experiencing losses, is not tempted to add positions when seeing opportunities, does not easily get angry when experiencing floating losses, and many other situations. This is what actually makes someone successful in trading: self-control.

Just like a highly skilled driver must be supported by good self-control to handle various road problems. The driver will undoubtedly face unexpected obstacles along the way. No matter how great someone's driving skills are, they are useless without the ability of self-control.

In Forex trading, we cannot simply relax by analyzing market movements. We are required to be able to control ourselves, and this is not an easy task. The author believes in one thing about self-control: master yourself, and you can master what you desire.


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