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Fascinating Data About Online Traders Worldwide

Since 2013, BrokerNotes has been conducting surveys of online traders worldwide to uncover interesting data about their profiles and habits. Here are the findings:

Total Number of Online Traders

To date, there are approximately 9.6 million active online traders globally. This means that every 1 in 781 people you meet daily is a trader.

Location and Distribution of Traders

The majority of online traders come from Asia, with about 3.2 million individuals. This is twice the number of traders in North America and Europe combined. There are also around 1.3 million online traders from Africa.

Gender Differences

Out of every 10 online traders, one is a woman. Although the number of male traders is much higher, research shows that women are more likely to identify themselves as beginners (58%) compared to men (46%). However, men trade more actively than women, which can reduce their net returns.

Age of Traders

Traders aged 25-34 dominate with 43%, while those aged 18-24 make up 61% of the total online traders. This increase is largely due to aggressive broker promotions on social media.

Operating System Preferences

Windows remains the top choice with 81% of traders using this operating system, followed by Mac with 19%. On mobile devices, Android leads slightly with 58% of users compared to iPhone.

Languages Used

English dominates with 54% of the total online traders, followed by Arabic with 15%. Indonesian ranks fourth with 8% of users, or around 768,000 of the total 9.6 million traders. This is surprising given that the level of trading knowledge in Indonesia is still relatively low.

Traders' Car Preferences

Most traders prefer sports cars (52%) over luxury cars like Lamborghini. Toyota is the most commonly used car brand among online traders.

The BrokerNotes survey provides a surprising insight into the global online trading community, from geographic distribution to language and age preferences. This data also reveals behavioral patterns and preferences that can influence future market strategies and marketing efforts.


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