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William J. O'Neil: Creator of the CAN SLIM Strategy and His Success in the Trading World

William J. O'Neil, commonly known as Bill O'Neil, is a figure who has played a significant role in the trading world. As a renowned trader, entrepreneur, and author, O'Neil has created the well-known investment strategy called CAN SLIM, and developed a stock database that has greatly assisted traders and investors worldwide.

Brief Profile of William O'Neil

O'Neil was born in Oklahoma City in 1933 and raised in Texas. After completing his education in the Program for Management Development at Harvard Business School, O'Neil began his career working for the brokerage firm Hayden, Stone & Company. There, he developed a computer system for stock trading, which became the foundation of the investment strategy he created.

The "CAN SLIM" Strategy and William O'Neil's Trading Principles

One of O'Neil's greatest contributions to the trading world is the creation of the CAN SLIM strategy. This strategy is based on the principle of buying stocks that are in strong trends and selling stocks that are weakening. CAN SLIM stands for:

  • C – Current quarterly earnings
  • A – Annual earnings
  • N – New products, new management, and new highs
  • S – Supply and demand
  • L – Leaders and laggards
  • I – Institutional ownership
  • M – Market direction

By following these principles, O'Neil successfully increased profits in his stock portfolio and achieved success in the trading world. This success inspired him to establish his own investment firm, William O'Neil & Co. Inc., which not only served as a brokerage and investment manager but also provided data on public companies.

William O'Neil's Database and O'Neil Data Systems Inc. (ODS)

One of O'Neil's greatest innovations was the creation of a comprehensive stock database, which included over 40,000 data items on 8,000 stocks dating back to the 1880s. This database greatly assisted traders and investors in tracking data on public companies and making better investment decisions. Thanks to the popularity of this database, O'Neil founded O'Neil Data Systems Inc. (ODS), which provided data and recommendations to clients worldwide.

Advice from an Experienced Trader

As someone who has succeeded in the trading world, O'Neil offers simple yet valuable advice to beginners. According to him, it is important to minimize losses in trading and only rely on market price movements as the basis for decision-making. Additionally, O'Neil also emphasizes the importance of risk limitation and taking advantage of objective market analysis.

William O'Neil is a renowned trader who has created an effective investment strategy and contributed significantly to the development of stock databases. His success in the trading world is not only reflected in the performance of his stock portfolio but also in his contributions to the overall trading and investment industry. By benefiting from O'Neil's experience and insights, traders and investors can gain valuable insights to improve performance and achieve success in the trading world.


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