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Stress in Trading: Do You Need It?

Stress is a natural part of life, including in the trading world. However, it's important to maintain stress levels so they don't excessively affect your trading performance. But do we need to maintain stress levels while trading? Should we always be in a meditative state without pressure before entering the market?

Let's discuss this question with an analogy from everyday life. When you drive home and suddenly encounter a dangerous situation on the road, such as another driver speeding from the opposite direction, your ability to respond to that situation increases significantly. You become more focused and responsive because your body enters the "fight or flight" mode automatically.

Stress is a Natural Part of Life

Why do we need to experience stress? Stress is a natural mechanism that helps us respond to emergency or important situations more effectively. The analogy is like a tap on a water pipe: usually, the water flow is kept at low pressure to maintain supply, but when a large volume of water is needed quickly, the tap will be opened wider.

However, like a tap, if we continuously allow high stress levels, it can drain energy and cause physical and mental fatigue. Therefore, it's important to maintain balance and manage stress levels so they don't exceed a certain limit.

Fight or Flight in Trading

In trading, a certain level of stress can be beneficial because it enhances responsiveness and the ability to adapt quickly to changes. However, this is only effective if balanced with good risk management. Trading stress can help you make decisions faster to manage risk or reduce losses.

However, if risk management is poor, stress can lead to panic and disrupt your trading performance. It's important to understand the difference between stress and frustration. Stress is a physical response to specific situations, while frustration occurs when you cannot achieve certain targets or goals.

So, it's important to recognize the symptoms of stress while trading and use that moment to act more responsively. However, make sure you remain calm and not let emotions take over when facing difficult situations. With good risk management and awareness of your stress levels, you can improve your overall trading performance. Happy trading!


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