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SL Plus Strategy: Turning Stop Loss into Profit

Fundamentally, traders use stop loss (SL) to protect positions from excessive losses. However, with the SL Plus strategy, we can transform the role of stop loss from merely a protective tool into a profitable one. How can we leverage the stop loss feature to become something beneficial for traders?

  1. Understanding the Importance of Money Management:

Money management is the key to success in trading. Like traditional market traders, forex traders also need to consider various factors such as risk, returns, and required capital for each transaction. Stop loss is a crucial aspect of money management as it helps control risk.

  1. The SL Plus Strategy:

The SL Plus strategy is applied when a position is in a profitable condition but has not yet reached the take profit level. Instead of using stop loss solely as a protective tool, SL Plus utilizes it as a means to secure profits. When the price moves in line with the trader's prediction, the stop loss can be adjusted above (for buy positions) or below (for sell positions) the open position. However, the SL Plus remains between the take profit and open position, so if the price reverses, the SL Plus will be triggered, but the final result remains profitable.

  1. Various SL Plus Strategies:
There are several SL Plus strategies that can be implemented:
  • SL Plus when the price is in a profit condition: The stop loss is adjusted slightly above (for buy positions) or below (for sell positions) the open position when it has reached a profit. This is suitable for traders satisfied with the profit earned but still want to capitalize on further profit potential.
  • SL Plus when the price reaches a certain level: The stop loss is adjusted when the price reaches a level considered safe by the trader. This is suitable for traders who have high confidence in the analysis they have conducted.
  • SL Plus without take profit: The stop loss is used as the sole money management tool. This strategy is suitable for traders who are very optimistic about the direction of the price trend but are unsure how far the price will move.

By understanding the SL Plus strategy and applying it according to each trader's style and trading strategy, traders can utilize the stop loss feature more effectively and profitably.


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