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Long Term Strategy with EMA 8 and EMA 20 Crossover

Greetings to all readers! I'd like to share a simple strategy that utilizes the crossover of Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) 8 and EMA 20 on the 4-hour timeframe (4H). This article is my contribution to seputarforex.com, and I'm deeply grateful to all the administrators there.

Required Indicators:

  1. Exponential Moving Average (EMA) period 8, Apply to Close
  2. Exponential Moving Average (EMA) period 20, Apply to Close
Chart Appearance:

For ease of observation, I use consistent colors for both EMAs, with EMA 8 in pink and EMA 20 in red.

Market Entry Rules:
  • Buy: When EMA 8 crosses above EMA 20 on the closing of the last candle.
  • Sell: When EMA 8 crosses below EMA 20 on the closing of the last candle.
Risk Management:

In this strategy, as we use the H4 timeframe and base our decisions on EMA crossovers, we do not require the use of Stop Loss and Take Profit. When there is a crossover of EMAs in the opposite direction, we will close the position and open a new one according to the direction of the crossover.

With this simple strategy, we can make trading decisions more easily and quickly without having to consider Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. However, it's advisable to always monitor market movements and adhere to risk management rules that suit your preferences.

I hope this strategy contributes positively to your trading success. Thank you for reading, and happy trading!


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