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Learning from the Journey of Successful Trader Valeria Bednarik

Valeria Bednarik, a female trader from Argentina, has had an intriguing journey in the trading world despite being a victim of fraud. Currently, she serves as the Chief Analyst at FXStreet and also manages client portfolios at FXSolutions. Here are some valuable lessons we can glean from Valeria Bednarik's trading experience.

From Accountant, Fraud Victim, to Educator

Valeria Bednarik initially graduated as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from Universidad Catolica del Salvador. Although interested in the financial world, Valeria's scope was limited to tax management and finance. However, at the age of 30, she decided to learn trading after falling victim to investment fraud. Her commitment to learning led Valeria to Trader College, a formal trading institution, as an alternative to online learning due to the societal perception in Argentina that values formal education more.

Career Solo Decision

After completing her education at Trader College, Valeria decided to become an educator there. However, her desire to become an independent trader grew stronger. Although she briefly joined other trading institutions, Valeria eventually chose to become a retail trader and share her knowledge through her contributions to FXStreet.com.

Trading Style

Valeria Bednarik has a unique approach to technical analysis. She uses various indicators such as MA, Momentum, CCI, and RSI, and observes price action to determine market trends. However, she also believes that it is not enough to rely on just one chart, so she often adds trend lines or Fibonacci as supplements.

Hubris and Defeat

Valeria realized the importance of avoiding arrogance in trading after experiencing significant losses. This experience taught her that failure is an inseparable part of the trading journey, and most importantly, applying discipline in following trading strategies and plans.

The Role of Women in Forex

Valeria has a positive outlook on the role of women in the forex trading world. Although she acknowledges the potential for women to become successful traders, she is aware that Argentine society still prioritizes the role of men. However, she believes that the lack of ego and the patience to learn are advantages that women possess in trading.

Valeria Bednarik's journey as a successful female trader highlights the importance of commitment, perseverance, and continuous learning in the trading world. Her bitter experience as a fraud victim served as the starting point that inspired her career journey, and learning from failure is the key to her success. With a meticulous approach and discipline in following trading strategies, Valeria has proven that success in trading is not impossible to achieve.


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