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Karen Jones: A Woman Pioneering Success in Technical Analysis

Who says only male traders can excel in technical analysis? Karen Jones proves that women are also capable of not only succeeding as traders but also as technical analysts. Although the number of women in the forex world is still relatively scarce, individuals like Karen Jones have demonstrated that success in technical analysis knows no gender boundaries.

Starting a Career amidst Great Challenges

Karen Jones began her career as a junior technical analyst at Sucden, a broker focusing on trading in commodity markets. She was immediately faced with an intriguing situation when the market crisis hit in October 1987. This was her initial challenge in drawing spectacular lines on her charts as the stock market plummeted. Karen's interest in forex further developed when she joined Credit Suisse, right at the time of Black Wednesday. Despite not being active during that significant event, she remained focused on forex, marking the beginning of her journey to build a career in the field.

Journey to the Top

Karen Jones now serves as the Head of Technical Analysis FICC at Commerzbank after over 20 years of experience. She started from the position of technical analyst for forex and gold, gradually expanding her scope to include interest-bearing assets and commodities. Karen not only holds a significant position in top companies but is also active as a member of the executive board of STA (Society of Technical Analysts), an exclusive association of technical analysts.

Expertise in Technical Analysis

Karen Jones is renowned for her expertise in using various technical analysis tools, including Dow Theory, Fibonacci, chart patterns, candlestick patterns, oscillators, inter-market analysis, and filters. She prefers to rely on price charts rather than technical indicators, and her diligence in exploring charts has earned her the nickname "Chart Tarts" along with two other female traders.

Being an Inspiration

Karen Jones is living proof that success in technical analysis is not limited by gender. Despite often being the only woman in analyst events, Karen remains confident in her analysis and unaffected by majority views. She motivates other women not to limit themselves and to believe in their own abilities.

Karen Jones is an inspirational example of a woman who has succeeded in the world of technical analysis. Her success is the result of dedication, perseverance, and belief in her own abilities. Her drive to advance and trust in her analysis has inspired many people, especially women, to pursue their dreams in the forex world.


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