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How to Become a Mentally Tough Successful Trader à la Ray Barros

Ray Barros exemplifies a true successful trader with a resilient mindset. Despite experiencing losses for years, he remained steadfast and never gave up. What is his success story and what are the tips that can be learned from his career journey?

Who is Ray Barros?

Ray Barros is a professional trader, hedge fund manager, trading mentor, and author. His career in the financial markets began in the early 1970s when he was still a teenager. Despite graduating from the University of Sydney with a law degree, he chose to focus on becoming a full-time trader rather than pursuing a career as a lawyer.

The Beginning of a Career in Trading

Ray first encountered trading while in college and tried his luck in the stock market. However, he experienced failure and lost all of his savings. After that, he stopped trading and focused on completing his studies and starting a career as a lawyer in Hong Kong.

After several successful years as a lawyer, Ray became interested in the financial markets again and started trading once more. However, he experienced losses for seven consecutive years, losing around $750,000. Nevertheless, he did not give up and decided to focus on becoming a full-time trader.

Finding Success in Trading

Ray's success was not without the support of his wife and his patience in facing failure. He considered the seven-year losses as valuable lessons that helped him better understand the market. Ray began to achieve consistent success around 1987 when he learned to control his emotions and manage risk effectively.

Tips to Become a Successful Trader from Ray Barros

Ray provides several tips that can serve as guidelines for novice traders:

  1. Improving Mental and Trading Psychology: Psychological factors are crucial in trading. Ray acknowledges that his initial failures were due to a lack of emotional control and mental resilience. To overcome this, he always meditates, takes vacations, and maintains good relationships with his family.

  2. Having a Trading Plan: It is important to have a clear and consistent trading plan. Discipline in executing this plan will help prevent entering the market without a strong analytical basis.

  3. Risk Management: Trading is a high-risk business, and it is important to minimize risks as much as possible. The use of stop losses and calculating the Risk/Reward Ratio are some strategies that can help manage risk effectively.

  4. Continuous Learning: There is always room for learning and improving trading skills. Ray suggests always keeping a trading journal and noting weaknesses that need to be addressed. Additionally, reading trading books and attending workshops can also help enhance trading knowledge and skills.

With patience, discipline, and strong determination, anyone can follow in the footsteps of Ray Barros' success in the trading world.


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