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George Fontanills: The Options Trading Expert with Minimal Risk

George Fontanills, a renowned options trader, has many fascinating insights in the trading world. One of them is the delta neutral method, which not only minimizes risk but also enhances profit. As a trader and options trading consultant, Fontanills has developed a specific delta neutral options trading method for the futures market. With this approach, he feels more confident and comfortable as he can manage risks effectively while increasing profit potential.

The method known as optionetics has now been widely adopted by traders as the most effective options trading technique. Fontanills emphasizes the importance of understanding market characteristics in general before starting trading, a principle he teaches to many. "What I teach them, first and foremost, is knowledge of market characteristics in general, and then the instruments they will be trading," says Fontanills.

George Fontanills' career journey began from his background as a public accountant after graduating from Harvard Business School. However, when the real estate market experienced a downturn, he and some colleagues shifted to trading in the futures market. This decision was inspired by unfavorable market conditions at the time and the drive to seek new opportunities. With experience in various fields, Fontanills began learning short-term trading in stock indices and commodities before eventually focusing on the futures market.

Fontanills is highly disciplined in applying risk management as a day trader. Awareness of the many missed opportunities when not monitoring the market directly prompted him to learn options strategies. Through this strategy, he can hedge positions and sleep more soundly. Fontanills chose the futures market because of its high volatility and found that options are instruments that allow for easier profit.

One of Fontanills' most influential contributions to the trading world is the development of the Delta neutral method. With this concept, traders can still make profits regardless of the market price movement direction. More than just chasing profits, this method also minimizes the risk of losses as much as possible.

Fontanills also provides valuable advice for novice traders. He emphasizes the importance of having a clear understanding of the trading strategies used as well as consistency in implementing risk management. "Learn to know what you want to do. Don't just enter the market until you over-trade, the results will be bad," he says.

With his extensive experience and knowledge in the trading world, George Fontanills continues to make valuable contributions to the trading community, both for experienced traders and those who are just starting out. With the methods he has developed, he has helped many people achieve success in the options trading world.


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