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David Katz: Trading Trends with Fibonacci Retracement

David Katz, a math teacher who became a successful part-time trader, has proven that trading trends can be easily done using Fibonacci Retracement. Let's take a look at his journey and his simple trading strategy:

Background and Journey

David Katz, the founder of Tradingfibz website and a trading course instructor at Marketfy, initially was an educator introducing investment concepts to Middle School and High School students. His success in guiding them in simulated stock market competitions led him to become the coordinator of the stock market game in Arizona and earned him the opportunity to attend workshops at the New York Stock Exchange Euronext.

David Katz's Proven Recipe for Trading Success

David Katz emphasizes simplicity in his trading strategy, focusing on the use of Fibonacci Retracement to measure pullbacks and Fibonacci Extension to measure advanced trends. Here are the key points of his strategy:

  1. Fibonacci Retracement: Use Fibonacci Retracement to identify pullback points in the trend. If the pullback touches Fibonacci Retracement levels such as 38%, 50%, or 61.8%, it is likely that the price will bounce and continue the previous trend.

  2. Fibonacci Extension: Use Fibonacci Extension to measure the potential extension of a trend. Fibonacci Extension points such as 100%, 127%, 161.8%, and 261.8% can be used as potential targets when the trend continues.
  3. Heikin Ashi Bars: Use Heikin Ashi bars to maintain trading positions during the trend. Heikin Ashi bars provide a "calmer" appearance and help traders remain calm and unaffected by market volatility.
  4. Fundamental Analysis: Although David Katz emphasizes trading trends, he also suggests paying attention to fundamental stimuli that can affect market movements. This helps traders understand the reasons behind price movements.
  5. Discipline and Risk Management: Maintain discipline in managing trading frequency and set clear trading targets and risk limits. Avoid overtrading and always stick to the trading plan that has been prepared.

David Katz is a real example that trading trends using Fibonacci Retracement can be an effective strategy, especially for part-time traders. With a simple approach and focus on basic concepts, anyone has the opportunity to develop a successful career as a trader. For Katz, simplicity is the key, and the use of analysis tools such as Fibonacci Retracement and Extension helps identify profitable trading opportunities.


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