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William Eckhardt, A Successful Trader Implementing Mathematical Concepts in Trading

What if mathematical knowledge is applied in the world of trading? William Eckhardt explains that mathematical concepts can be applied in trading, even though trading itself is full of uncertainties. However, by using probability analysis and statistics, these concepts can generate successful strategies. Eckhardt, a prominent commodities and futures trader as well as a fund manager, has proven the success of these concepts. Nevertheless, he also warns that such analysis can lead to pitfalls if done without a deep understanding of the market and statistics.

Eckhardt, a mathematician fascinated by the world of trading, chose to utilize these concepts despite being aware of the risks. A graduate of the doctoral program at the University of Chicago in mathematical logic, Eckhardt opted out of the program when he became interested in trading. Nonetheless, he continued to study mathematics and published several scholarly articles. One of his articles, "Probability Theory and the Doomsday Argument," was published in the philosophy journal Mind in 1993.

In addition to basing his strategies on mathematical concepts, Eckhardt also has two tips that helped him achieve success:

1. Embracing the Principle of Trend Following Trading

Eckhardt began trading in 1974 after being inspired by his schoolmate, Richard Dennis, a successful trader. They both experimented with technical analysis to develop various trading systems. One famous system is the turtle trading systems, which follow the principle of trend following trading. Despite losing a bet with Dennis, Eckhardt still believed that trading methods should always be improved to remain relevant to the constantly changing market conditions.

2. Consistently Improving Trading Methods

In addition to research for the turtle trading experiment, Eckhardt also managed his investment firm, Eckhardt Trading Company (ETC), since 1991. Eckhardt believes that trading methods must be continuously improved because the market is always changing. Without improvement, we will fall behind. Eckhardt emphasizes the importance of consistency in following the established system.

Career journey stories and perspectives like these can provide valuable insights for traders and investors. The mathematical approach in trading, while considering its risks, as well as consistency in improving trading strategies are the keys to success according to William Eckhardt.


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