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The Secrets and Realities of News Trading Strategy

News Trading Strategy is a technique for trading stocks, currencies (forex), or other valuable assets in the financial market based on trading opportunities that arise around the release of news.

However, there are several important aspects and realities that need to be understood about News Trading:

1. Common Mistakes in News Trading:

Many novice traders assume that news will immediately be reflected in sharp and immediate price movements right after the release of economic data. However, the impact of news can occur not only in the moments after the data release but also as a reflection of the overall condition of the country.

2. Selection of Currency Pairs and Timing:

Not all currency pairs are suitable for News Trading. The most liquid currency pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, and GBP/JPY are often the focus in News Trading. Additionally, the best time to engage in News Trading is around the New York session when the forex market is most active and volatile.

3. Various News Trading Strategies:

There is not just one type of strategy; there are various approaches that can be taken in News Trading. Some traders take positions on both sides of the market before the release of significant news, using techniques similar to hedging. There are also News Trading strategies for the long term, which leverage the impact of economic data releases that can influence the market on a weekly or even monthly basis.

4. Market Uncertainty and the Role of Money Management:

Traders need to understand that the market cannot be predicted with certainty. Market reactions to news can vary widely, leading to high levels of uncertainty. Therefore, proper Money Management is crucial in News Trading, including setting Stop Loss and moderate position sizes.

5. Crafting a News Trading Strategy:

News Trading strategies need to be crafted before the news release time. Traders need to consider various factors, such as the expected market volatility, where trading positions will be opened, how long trading positions will be left floating, and where Take Profit and Stop Loss levels will be placed.

By understanding the realities of News Trading and crafting the right strategy, traders can increase their chances of success and reduce the risk of losses in their trading.


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