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The DIBS Strategy: Daily Trading Technique with Inside Bar Setup

The DIBS strategy, developed by Wall Street trader Peter S. Kraus, boasts a fairly high accuracy rate and could be an option worth considering. Let's explore how it works.

How the DIBS Strategy Works:

  1. Inside Bar Definition: An inside bar is a candlestick pattern where the latest candlestick fully engulfs the previous one. This pattern indicates market uncertainty and provides opportunities to buy or sell when market sentiment shifts.
  2. Identifying Inside Bars: Check the day's opening price at 6:00 GMT compared to the previous closing price. Then, examine the H1 timeframe chart to find inside bar patterns after this time.
  3. Utilize Simple Moving Average (SMA): Add an SMA to your forex chart. If the price is above the SMA, it indicates bullish sentiment, and vice versa if the price is below the SMA, indicating bearish sentiment.
  4. Entry and Exit: Once the inside bar pattern forms and the engulfed candle closes above or below the SMA, enter a corresponding buy or sell position. Determine a precise stop-loss level just below the engulfed candle for a buy position and above it for a sell position. Ensure your risk/reward ratio for take profit is greater than 1:1.

Points to Note:
• Ensure the candle is fully engulfed by the previous one.
• Confirm the candle is above or below the SMA, not within the SMA line.
• Check economic news that may impact the currency pair you're trading.

Advantages of the DIBS Strategy:
• Flexible and applicable across various timeframes, including M15, M30, H4, and Daily.
• Mostly accurate as it can capture market breakouts and long trends.
• Patterns can be spotted soon after the trading session begins, especially during the London session.
• Generally follows the trend, which can enhance profit potential.

The DIBS strategy has proven effective for many traders but remains vulnerable to economic factors and individual subjectivity. It's advisable to practice using this strategy on a demo account before transitioning to a live account. Also, determine the most suitable timeframe and currency pairs for you. By doing so, you can enhance your trading skills and develop your trading portfolio more extensively.


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