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Takashi Kotegawa, Trader Who Earned Millions of Dollars from His Bedroom

Trading is often associated with sophisticated computers and large budgets, but Takashi Kotegawa proved otherwise. With a part-time job salary, he managed to earn millions of dollars from his bedroom. What's the story behind his success?

Takashi Kotegawa, a prominent trader in Japan, began his trading journey with savings from his part-time job during college, amounting to only $13,000. Within eight years, he turned it into over $150 million. Trading stocks on the Tokyo Stock Exchange from his room since the early 2000s, Takashi sometimes managed to make millions of dollars in a single transaction.

Born on March 5, 1978, in Chiba, Japan, Takashi started trading when the Tokyo stock market was sluggish in 2001. Over time, he became one of the respected figures among day traders in Japan. Despite becoming a multi-millionaire, Takashi remains modest in his lifestyle. He prefers simple activities like biking, watching TV, playing video games, and enjoying everyday meals like ramen.

In 2005, Takashi recorded one of the largest transactions in the history of online trading in Japan. When a trader at Mizuho Securities accidentally sold 610,000 shares of J-Com Holdings for one yen per share, Takashi saw a golden opportunity. He bought 7,100 shares when the price was plummeting and sold them after the stock price recovered, making over $17 million in a single day.

Despite his success, Takashi did not view the Japanese stock market from a long-term perspective. He used various technical indicators such as Bollinger Bands, RSI, volume ratio, and MA 25 to analyze stock movements. His trading strategy was based on day trading divergence patterns and swing trading, where he sought opportunities in stocks experiencing significant price changes below MA 25.

Takashi is also known for his prudence in managing his wealth. Despite having a lot of money, he dislikes extravagance or spending his money on luxury items. Instead, he prefers to focus on market analysis and diversify his investments into tangible assets such as real estate.

Takashi's success is not only in stock trading but also in real estate investment. After the stock market experienced a crisis in 2008, he decided to switch to property investment. Diversifying his portfolio brought him new success, such as doubling his investment in Akihabara properties in the last ten years.

Takashi Kotegawa's story teaches us that success in trading depends not only on sophisticated technology or large budgets but also on knowledge, the right strategy, and wise financial management.


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