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Profil Rico Ferdinand: Journey of a Dedicated Young Forex Trader

At a young age, Rico Ferdinand Yapotra, also known as Rico FY, took a bold step by becoming a full-time forex trader. What is the story behind his journey?

Rico FY and the Beginning of His Forex Journey

Rico FY embarked on his journey into the forex world without any prior knowledge. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in a tax course at STIE Trisakti for one year before working in an office. However, the monotonous work routine made him uncomfortable. Eventually, upon his parents' advice, Rico decided to try his luck in the forex trading world.

Are Rico's Parents Traders Too?

No, Rico's parents only heard about forex from their relatives. However, they knew that forex trading allowed one to work without needing a physical office, making it suitable for Rico. Despite lacking a relevant educational background, Rico fell in love with the flexibility of working hours offered by forex.

Overcoming Challenges as a Young Trader

Rico's biggest challenge in forex trading was how to sustain and achieve consistency in trading. To overcome this, he learned to create financial stability, understand risks, and find trading strategies that suited his style. Although these challenges were not easy, Rico believed that every trader, especially the young ones, would go through a similar process in finding the right trading style.

Discovering Trading Style and Strategy

After some time, Rico found his suitable trading style, which is trading divergence. He has been firm with this strategy for the past year and no longer feels the need to constantly change strategies.

Achievements and Future Goals

Rico has achieved several milestones, including doubling his account within three months and working as a lead analyst/trader at a local broker. However, he aspires to revive a forex trading website he once created and establish a forex investment fund company.

Message for Beginner Traders

Rico offers some valuable advice for beginner traders, including not being too discouraged by losses in trading, staying consistent with their respective strategies, being disciplined, and always considering risks.

With dedication and hard work, Rico Ferdinand demonstrates that age is not a barrier to success in the forex trading world.


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