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Getting to Know Michael Rogan: Chemical Engineer Turned Successful Trader

Becoming a successful trader requires more than just knowledge of the market. It also demands dedication, hard work, and high motivation. Michael Rogan is a prime example of a successful trader who began his journey with a background in chemical engineering. Among the many successful traders, Michael Rogan stands out as an influential figure, especially among young traders. Before diving into the world of trading, Michael gained experience as a chemical engineer in the oil and gas industry. However, when he observed the depreciation of the Russian Ruble due to economic sanctions related to the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Michael became intrigued to explore the world of trading.

Who is Michael Rogan?

Michael Rogan's journey as a trader began after experiencing an unpleasant incident in his career. Forced to leave his job as a chemical engineer due to employee layoffs, Michael decided to switch professions and fully focus on trading in 2015. Shortly after, he successfully established the Mangrove Trading Academy, a trading mentoring company. His life story has attracted the interest of many who want to know the secret of Michael Rogan's success in the trading world, including his mindset and understanding of trading. Fortunately, in various interviews, Michael has been willing to share his life experiences.

Here are excerpts from an interview with Michael Rogan that are expected to provide knowledge and inspiration for both beginners and experienced traders:

1. What Inspired You to Start Trading?

Michael became interested in the world of trading while traveling frequently. His interest in currency exchange rates peaked when he was in Thailand and witnessed the local currency's value plummet due to protests in the country. The main trigger to start trading was when the United States imposed economic sanctions on Russia, which made him interested in monitoring the movement of the Ruble.

2. What Is Your Trading Style and How Do You Adapt It to Daily Activities?

For Michael, trading is about creating freedom. His goal is to have more freedom in terms of finances, time, and location. He is not suited to intraday trading styles that require screen monitoring all day. Instead, Michael chooses to look at the market only once a day at the close of the American session. With this trading style, he can maintain a low stress level and achieve significant profits.

3. What Motivates You to Keep Trading?

Michael's main motivation is his desire to continue learning and developing his understanding of the market. Additionally, he feels compelled to teach and mentor his students. He believes that having students will motivate him to continue growing and providing better service.

4. How Do You Handle Failure in Trading?

For Michael, it is important to understand the causes of failure and learn from every mistake. After experiencing failure, he evaluates the transaction and finds out what can be learned from it.

5. What Are the Causes of Your Success in Trading?

Michael believes that his success is not solely based on luck. Hard work, the courage to stick to his beliefs, and the experience and knowledge he gained from his previous career as a chemical engineer also played a role in his success.

6. What Advice Do You Have for Those Who Fail, Give Up, or Have Not Started Yet?

For those who fail, Michael suggests viewing failure as a lesson and an opportunity to learn. For those who want to give up, he advises remembering why they started trading and finding ways to maintain their motivation. And for those who have not yet started, Michael suggests checking if there are any beliefs or fears holding them back.

7. Do You Set Goals for Yourself?

Michael believes in the importance of setting goals for oneself to monitor progress and stay focused. Although he does not set specific goals in trading, he is confident that his success in other fields will yield satisfying results in trading.

8. Do You Have Any Regrets in Your Career?

Although there are things he might want to change if he could go back in time, Michael believes that everything he has done has brought him to his current position. For him, it is important to accept and learn from every experience, whether it be success or failure.

9. How Did You Start the Mangrove Trading Academy and What Makes It Different?

Michael believes that knowledge not shared has no value. Therefore, he decided to establish the Mangrove Trading Academy as a platform to share his trading experiences and skills with others. What makes this academy different is its focus on teaching fundamental market principles and rules that enable students to succeed in various types of markets, as well as the ongoing mentoring and support offered.

10. What Activities or Interests Do You Have Outside of the Market?

Outside of trading, Michael enjoys relaxing in nature, practicing yoga, meditation, dancing, and reading.

Michael Rogan is a real-life example that success in trading is not only based on technical knowledge of the market but also on mental attitude, motivation, and the ability to continue learning and growing. With his skills and enthusiasm for sharing knowledge with others, Michael has helped many people achieve success in trading.


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