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Effective Strategy: Setting Trading Targets for Long-Term Success

In the world of trading, profits can often disappear in an instant. Therefore, building a trading account consistently becomes the key to long-term success. Many factors can hinder us from achieving consistent profitability goals. Even after making profits, we often encounter losses in the future. However, there are things to consider to succeed in forex trading.

It's not about how big profits we make today or how often we take profits. What matters most is our ability to consistently increase the size of our trading account. What's the point of making big profits today if we end up losing all our capital in a few weeks? Some may argue that yesterday's losses don't matter as long as they get rebates. However, rebates should be seen as an additional bonus, not the main source of profit. What's more important is how we can maintain and grow our trading account while ensuring future profitability growth.

The primary goal of forex trading is, of course, to generate profits. From these profits, we can gradually increase the size of our trading account. How we manage our account to be larger than the initial capital is the main goal we should pursue. If our capital remains the same as before, then we need to introspect. Trading will be in vain if there is no development from the capital we have. We must have a target that this month's profit should be greater than the previous month's.

One key to making our trading account grow larger is having a solid trading system. Without a clear system, trading will be chaotic, and capital can disappear in an instant. We need to focus on one trading system and discipline ourselves to run it until it can generate significant profits. Once our trading system proves capable of multiplying our capital, it's time to set more ambitious targets.

Targets serve as a guide to improving trading performance over time. Without targets, we will only stagnate and not see significant progress. Although losses are part of the trading process, it doesn't matter as long as we remain focused on the targets set. By having clear targets, we can ensure that our trading account will continue to grow.

In conclusion, forex trading will be futile without clear targets. To achieve long-term success, we need to have a plan that can take our trading account to a higher level than before. Utilize targets in every transaction, focus our efforts, and generate consistent profits. Thus, we can ensure that our trading account will continue to grow over time.


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