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Anna Coulling: Successful Female Trader Who Dares to Be Different

Anna Coulling is a successful female trader known for her unique approach in the trading world. While many traders prefer major currency pairs, Coulling prefers trading with cross pairs, and her choice has led her to success. For Coulling, success in trading is not just about making big profits, having a large following, or experience, but about consistency in achieving trading profit targets.

Profile of Anna Coulling

Anna Coulling started her career in futures markets before venturing into various financial markets, including stocks and forex. As a professional trader, Coulling is very active in sharing knowledge and trading experiences through best-selling books and various online media. She has a particular interest in trading psychology and believes that the more one learns, the greater the profits can be gained.

Relying on Volume Price Analysis

One of the keys to Coulling's early success is the use of volume price analysis to determine market direction. She believes that the Volume Price Analysis (VPA) method can be applied by anyone in both stock and forex markets. In her famous book, "A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis," Coulling comprehensively explains successful volume trading techniques and strategies.

3-Dimensional Approach

In addition to VPA, Coulling uses a 3-dimensional approach in trading, namely technical, fundamental, and market relationship. She believes that the combination of these three approaches helps in understanding price movements and market sentiment better. Coulling also emphasizes the importance of understanding intermarket relationships and using appropriate hedging techniques.

Preferring Cross Pairs

While many traders prefer major pairs, Coulling favors cross pairs because they offer more trading opportunities. According to her, cross pairs like EUR/AUD are better at showing clear and solid trends. However, Coulling does not completely dismiss major pairs and even recommends GBP pairs for their ability to reflect the UK's fundamental situation.

Forex Trading as a Challenge

Coulling chooses forex trading because it is mentally challenging and suits her lifestyle. Although complex, forex trading gives her the freedom to seek the best opportunities. She emphasizes that consistency is more important than large profits in measuring forex trading success.

Anna Coulling is an example of a successful female trader who dares to be different in the trading world. Her success is based on consistency, deep understanding of the market, and a unique approach. Coulling's example inspires us to have our own understanding of the market and confidently seek the best trading opportunities.


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