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10 Trading Rules by Janice Dorn: Recipe for Profit Growth and Controlling Trading Emotions

Janice Dorn is a successful trader and a trading psychology expert. In her efforts to develop profits and control trading emotions, she has formulated 10 valuable trading rules. Before delving into her recipes, let's get to know who Janice Dorn really is.

Janice Dorn's Profile

Janice Dorn, M.D., Ph.D., is an experienced trader with a unique background in psychiatry and brain anatomy. She began her journey into futures trading in 1993 and has published over 1,000 articles on trading and investment. As a trading psychology expert, Dorn has mentored hundreds of traders and investors worldwide. With her expertise, she also holds the position of Global Risk Strategist at Ingenieux Wealth Management, where she is responsible for risk management in trading and investment decision-making.

Trading Emotions Cycle According to Janice Dorn

According to Dorn, trading emotions are both a trader's greatest enemy and best friend. She believes that traders must be able to control their emotions to avoid being trapped in repetitive trading emotion cycles. In an effort to overcome this challenge, Dorn has formulated 10 trading rules that have the potential to develop profits and control trading emotions.

Recipe for Profit Growth From Janice Dorn

  1. Trading with Stress-Free Capital: Use an amount of money specifically allocated for trading, which can be fully relinquished in case of loss.
  2. Knowing the Ideal Trading Time Frame: Determine a trading time frame that suits your style and expertise. Do not attempt short-term trading techniques if you are not a master scalper or day trader.
  3. Start Small: Begin trading with small position sizes and learn how to set stop losses based on your risk tolerance.
  4. Set Stop Losses and Stick to Them: Set stop losses every time you open a position and adhere to these rules without hesitation.
  5. Understand Yourself: Recognize your weaknesses and strengths as a trader, and use them to protect yourself from market threats.
  6. Focus on Process, Not Outcome: Prioritize the correct trading process over simply seeking profits. Consistency in applying tested strategies is the key to success.
  7. Plan Your Trades and Trade Your Plan: Create a clear trading plan and stick to it as long as positions are open.
  8. Rest Your Mind and Body: Do not trade every day or at all times. Give yourself time to rest to maintain your mental and physical health.
  9. Seek Opportunities in Unconventional Places: Enhance creativity in finding trading opportunities by combining various indicators and analysis tools.
  10. Execute Trades Based on Signals: Act only when there are clear signals that align with your trading rules. Avoid trading based on emotions or impulses.

From the 10 trading rules formulated by Janice Dorn, it can be concluded that controlling trading emotions is the key to profit growth. In the world of trading full of pressure and uncertainty, consistency, discipline, and self-awareness are crucial. By following these rules, you can increase your chances of success in trading and avoid detrimental emotional traps.


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