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Understanding Trader Personality Types: Key to Success in Trading Psychology

Trading psychology is a crucial factor in determining a trader's success in the financial markets. Dr. Van K. Tharp, a professional psychologist and trading coach, has identified fifteen trader personality types based on his survey results. Understanding these personality types can help traders adjust their strategies and actions in trading.

  1. 1. Accurate Trader

  2. This trader prioritizes accuracy in numbers in entry and exit trading. They tend to pay attention to small details and use accurate technical analysis.

  3. 2. Administrative Trader

  4. This trader focuses on administrative aspects in trading, such as risk management, capital management, and transaction recording. They are highly organized and disciplined in executing trading strategies.

  5. 3. Artistic Trader

  6. This trader prioritizes the artistic aspects in trading, such as intuition and creativity. They tend to rely on instincts and intuition in making trading decisions.

  7. 4. Adventurous Trader

  8. This trader enjoys challenges and adventures in trading. They are not afraid to take risks and enjoy exploring new opportunities in the market.

  9. 5. Detailed Trader

  10. This trader tends to pay attention to technical and fundamental details in market analysis. They conduct in-depth analysis before making trading decisions.

  11. 6. Facilitative Trader

  12. This trader prioritizes the facilities and support provided by brokers in trading. They look for brokers that provide trading platforms and features that suit their needs.

  13. 7. Fun Loving Trader

  14. This trader sees trading as a fun game. They are not too attached to trading results and focus more on the experience and enjoyment of trading.

  15. 8. Independent Trader

  16. This trader tends to be self-reliant and does not rely on advice or guidance from other traders. They believe in their own abilities and knowledge in making trading decisions.

  17. 9. Innovative Trader

  18. This trader always seeks innovation and new ideas in trading. They try to develop unique strategies and approaches to profit in the market.

  19. 10. Planning Trader

  20. This trader always makes trading plans before entering or exiting trades. They are highly organized and disciplined in executing their trading strategies.

  21. 11. Socially Responsible Trader

  22. This trader pays attention to social responsibility in their trading activities. They look for investment opportunities that align with social and environmental values.

  23. 12. Spontaneous Trader

  24. This trader tends to make spontaneous and unplanned decisions in trading. They react quickly to market changes without conducting in-depth analysis.

  25. 13. Strategic Trader

  26. This trader always follows specific trading strategies and has a structured plan to deal with market changes. They focus on achieving long-term goals in trading.

  27. 14. Supportive Trader

  28. This trader enjoys supporting and collaborating with fellow traders. They seek trading communities that support each other and share knowledge.

  29. 15. Values Driven Trader

  30. This trader tends to make trading decisions based on their personal or moral values. They look for investments that align with their principles.

Characteristics of Successful Traders
Dr. Tharp identified three main characteristics of successful traders:

  1. Ability to analyze market conditions in the long term and their relationship to global economic events.
  2. Ability to make trading decisions based on logical analysis.
  3. Discipline, courage, and willingness to work hard according to priorities.

Of the fifteen trader personality types, only two are considered to naturally lead to successful trading, namely planning trader and strategic trader. Traders with other personality types require effort and hard work to achieve success in trading. Understanding your personality type as a trader can help you adjust your trading strategies and approaches to achieve your desired trading goals. 

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