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Trading once a week is sufficient

How to generate 100% profit in a year with just one trade per week? This article will discuss the application of money management and risk per trade to achieve this goal.

Key Points in This Strategy:

  1. Focus on Quality over Quantity: It's more important to seek quality trading opportunities rather than just numerous trades.
  2. Establish a Trading Plan and Risk Management Before Entry: Setting a plan and risk management before entering a trade can increase the chances of success.
  3. Maintain Discipline and Patience: Discipline is required to follow the trading strategy, and patience is needed to wait for the right setup.
Example of Implementing the Once-a-Week Trading Method:

Suppose you have an initial capital of $5,000. You will only trade once a week with a risk/reward per trade of 1:2. You risk 10% per trade, or $500, and target a profit of $1,000.

Assuming a profit percentage of 40% and a loss percentage of 60%, in a year (52 weeks) you will make around 52 trades.

Out of these 52 trades, if 40% yield profit and 60% incur loss, then your total profit will be $5,500, or a 110% return.

You can also be more aggressive by setting a risk/reward of 1:3 assuming a profit/loss percentage of 30/70. In this case, you will achieve a 120% return.

Changing Mindset and Trading Plan:
  • • Focus on consistent trading results in the long term rather than seeking large profits in a short time.
  • • Effectively managing risk on each trade is crucial to achieving consistent results.
  • • Using the daily time frame for once-a-week trading can increase the probability of trading success.
  • • Discipline and patience are essential in implementing this strategy, as well as using price action as the basis for analysis.
  • • You can try this strategy first with a demo account before switching to a real account. If the results are consistent with the profit/loss assumptions you set, you can start using a real account with a small capital first.
By implementing the once-a-week trading strategy with discipline and patience, and managing risk properly, you can achieve a 100% profit goal in a year. Hopefully, this article helps you plan your trading strategy more effectively.

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