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The 4x1 Strategy in Trading: A Simple and Rational Approach

In the realm of trading, there exists a plethora of strategies to be employed. One such strategy that has piqued interest is the 4x1 strategy introduced in Dirk Du Troit's book "Bird Watching In the Lion Country". This strategy stands out for its simplicity and practicality in execution. Let's delve deeper into this strategy, which comprises four key points:

1. One Currency:

This strategy emphasizes focusing on a single currency or specific currency pair. It's crucial to thoroughly understand the characteristics and behavior of the traded pair. This includes comprehending the daily trading range, factors influencing its movements, and price action patterns. Selecting related pairs can aid in understanding each pair's behavior.

2. One Lot:

Essentially, this strategy advocates for using low margins to withstand potential movements that may not align with predictions. The amount of margin used can vary based on individual preferences and trading styles. However, meticulous margin management is essential to avoid Margin Calls.

3. One Direction:

This strategy advises adhering to the primary trend direction and refraining from opening positions counter to the trend on the same pair. The aim is to facilitate better control over trading positions. Opening positions against the trend is seen as contrary to sound trading logic and can complicate position management.

4. One Percent:

In this aspect, it's recommended to set realistic profit targets. Even if the profit targets are modest, consistency in achieving them is key. There's no need to hesitate to close positions and trading platforms once daily or weekly profit targets are met. Avoiding the temptation of greed and maintaining discipline in achieving set targets is crucial.

All the strategies discussed are alternatives that can be adapted by traders according to their needs and preferences. The paramount aspect is to enjoy the trading process and steer clear of self-imposed burdens. Sound mental health plays a vital role in making trading decisions. Therefore, it's essential to remain calm and disciplined in implementing trading strategies.


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