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Successful Trading Strategy by Walter Bressert: Understanding Market Cycles and Full Commitment

Walter Bressert, a commodities and futures trader, has made significant contributions to the trading world with his innovative approach to market cycle analysis. Through his experience and research, Bressert has revealed important principles for trading success, which can serve as valuable guidelines for traders:

  1. Understanding Market Cycles: After experiencing losses in stock trading, Bressert gained crucial insights into the role played by cycles in market behavior. With an educational background in economics, he realized that these factors influence price movements. Through meticulous observation and research, Bressert developed a deep understanding of market rhythms and how cycles affect price movements.
  2. Full Commitment in Trading: Bressert emphasizes the importance of not trading half-heartedly. He states that success in trading requires full dedication, ongoing learning, and the ability to control emotions. Trading based on an understanding of market cycles also helps reduce the influence of emotions in decision-making.
  3. Consider Fundamental Factors: While his focus is on cycle analysis, Bressert also acknowledges the importance of considering fundamental factors in trading. News and economic events can have a significant impact on the market, and traders need to take them into account in their trading strategies. However, he emphasizes that a cycle-based approach can help reduce emotional influence and improve trading consistency.
  4. Commitment to Learning: Bressert advises traders to always be committed to learning and improving their skills. He believes that only through dedication and high seriousness can a trader achieve long-term success. He also stresses that many traders fail due to a lack of seriousness and commitment to the learning and trading process.

Bressert's advice for novice traders is to appreciate the complexity of the trading world and to always strive to excel in this field. With full commitment, ongoing learning, and a deep understanding of market cycles, a trader can achieve consistent success in this dynamic trading world.


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