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Simple Trading Technique: Just 30 Minutes a Day for Consistent Profits

Many of us lead busy lives. However, does this have to disrupt our trading activities? No need to worry. With the simple trading technique I'm about to share, you only need to dedicate 30 minutes a day to achieve consistent and profitable results.

Before we begin, let's understand two important components of this trading technique:

  1. Analysis with Daily Time Frame: First and foremost, make sure you conduct your analysis using the daily time frame. Perform analysis after the New York market closes to avoid market noise. This is the right time to determine trends, support and resistance levels, and look for potential trading signals.
  2. Set and Forget: With busy schedules, you only need to look at the charts for 30 minutes each day. Execute trades when you find valid signals, set stop-loss and take-profit according to your risk management plan, then leave the charts and forget about everything. This is called "set and forget." It helps avoid becoming addicted to the charts and keeps your focus on other activities.

However, remember that "set and forget" is not a magical solution. You still need to monitor your positions and may exit before reaching the planned target if there are significant changes in market conditions.

There are several advantages to implementing this trading technique:

  1. Consistent Profit Opportunities: By focusing on daily charts and following your trading plan, you have a greater chance of consistently generating profits.
  2. Time to Develop Trading Systems: By reducing screen time, you have more time to develop better trading systems and improve your success rate.
  3. Unaffected by Busy Schedules: By dedicating just 30 minutes a day, you can maintain your routines without being disrupted by trading.
  4. Cost-Effective Trading: By avoiding overtrading, you can also save on transaction costs that can drain your capital.

An example of implementing this technique can be done by scanning pairs you want to trade, identifying long and short-term trends, and finding valid trading signals. After entering a position, you only need to monitor minimally or even not at all, depending on the trading system you use.

With strong determination and discipline, this simple trading technique can be the key to your success in forex trading. Start with a 30-minute daily routine, and you will see positive changes in your trading results. 


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