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Reading Market Situation: Key to Successful Forex Trading

A trader must have a deep understanding of various fundamental news emerging in the market. This economic data has the potential to alter market dynamics and influence trading decisions. The forex market moves due to the interaction between sellers and buyers, and market psychology, reflected in "Fear & Greed," is heavily influenced by fundamental news.

  1. 1. Role of Fundamental News

  2. Market movements occur due to specific reasons, and behind it all lies the central role of fundamental news. The presence of sellers and buyers creates price dynamics, and market psychology, resulting from economic news, becomes a trigger for significant movements.

  3. 2. Power of "Big Players"

  4. While "big players" have a significant role in the market, it's important to remember that they also pay close attention to fundamental news. Their trading decisions are not solely based on technical analysis but also on a deep understanding of the economic conditions of related countries.

  5. 3. Importance of Fundamental News before Entering the Market

  6. Before opening a trading position, a trader must read and understand the market situation. Fundamental data that has been released or will be released can serve as a guide to assess market conditions. Fundamental news can be likened to seasoning in market movements, although the end result may not always meet expectations.

  7. 4. Access to Information in the Globalization Era

  8. In the era of globalization, market information can be easily accessed through various media, including print, online, TV, and radio. Various platforms such as CNBC, Bloomberg, Metro TV, Yahoo Finance, Forex Factory, and Seputar Forex provide real-time news and market analysis.

  9. 5. Market Research in Forex Trading

  10. Market research is a crucial key in forex trading. This includes understanding chart movements that reflect current market conditions. Different time frames indicate trading activity at specific intervals, allowing traders to understand market dynamics.

6. Understanding Time Frames in Market Research

• M1 to M30: Indicates trading activity in minutes to half an hour.

• H1 to H4: Indicates movement within one hour to four hours.

• D1: Represents movements over one day.

• W: Indicates weekly movements.

• M: Indicates monthly movements.


Reading the market situation and conducting market research are crucial steps in becoming a successful trader. By understanding fundamental news, monitoring market conditions, and using various time frames in research, a trader can make more informed and intelligent trading decisions. Happy trading!


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