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Kiana Danial, the Diva Trader Inspiring with Forex Diamond Analysis

From bitter experiences in trading USD/JPY, Kiana Danial has evolved into a successful female trader. Let's delve into the story of her experiences, tips, and the principles of her Forex Diamond analysis here. There are many unique experiences from successful female traders that can serve as a source of inspiration and learning. This time, we'll discuss the journey and trading tips of Kiana Danial, the CEO of InvestDiva, who has been recognized as a leading forex trader and educator.

Profile of Kiana Danial

Born and raised in Iran, Kiana Danial first encountered the forex world while studying in Japan. At that time, inspired by her minority experience, she began trading USD/JPY. Within a month, she managed to profit one million Yen. Unfortunately, the profit vanished the following month when she suffered losses of up to ten million Yen. However, instead of giving up, Kiana was determined to move to New York and learn more about forex trading. There, she continued to practice, gain experience, and sharpen her skills until she eventually became a successful female trader.

After achieving success in trading, Kiana Danial then shared her knowledge with the public as a trusted forex educator and speaker. Her dedication has earned her recognition as an influential figure in investment and financial management. Even Nasdaq.com mentioned Kiana as a sought-after figure and she has appeared in various prestigious media outlets such as CNN, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Time magazine. She has also received various awards, including Best Financial Education Provider at the Shanghai Forex Expo (2014) and Women of Influence Honoree from the New York Business Journal (2015).

Forex Diamond Analysis Method

As a recognized trader, Kiana has a special method that she relies on to achieve trading success. The technique known as "Diamond Analysis" is always applied in forex analysis on her website, InvestDiva.com. Based on the principle that "forex trading is an investment that should be treated with care like a gem," Kiana uses a gemstone perspective to conduct forex analysis. This includes technical, fundamental, sentiment, trading capital, and a combination of all these analyses.

Favorite Technical Indicators

In conducting technical analysis, Kiana often uses the Ichimoku and RSI indicators. She likes Ichimoku because it provides various Moving Averages. Kiana also frequently combines this indicator with RSI to gain a technical view of trading pair movements. However, she doesn't solely rely on Ichimoku and RSI but also pays attention to chart patterns, candlesticks, Elliot Wave, and Fibonacci retracement.

Preference for Swing Trading

As an experienced trader, Kiana prefers swing trading over scalping because it fits her lifestyle. She doesn't want to be glued to charts all day as it could disrupt her focus on analysis. According to her, swing trading is more profitable as it supports confidence and helps her avoid emotional decisions.

Women as Better Investors

Kiana Danial believes that women are actually better investors because they tend to be easier to teach and more calculated in managing risks. Her experience as a forex educator shows that most of her students, especially single mothers, have a natural talent for financial management.

With her Forex Diamond analysis method and unique views on the role of women in investing, Kiana Danial has become an inspiration for many traders, both men and women, worldwide.


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