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Forward Testing Guide for Testing Trading Systems

After conducting a Backtest on a trading system, the Forward Testing stage becomes crucial for evaluating the effectiveness of the system in real market conditions. This article will discuss why Forward Testing is necessary, how to do it properly, and what to consider during the process.

Why is Forward Testing Important?

Forward Testing allows for testing of the trading system in actual market conditions, which cannot be fully predicted by Backtesting alone. Factors such as psychological aspects and direct market variables' influence are visible during Forward Testing, providing a more accurate picture of the system's performance.

Preparation Before Forward Testing

  1. Clear Trading System: Ensure you have a trading system with well-defined rules, including entry signals, stop-loss, take-profit, and other risk management rules. This system should have been tested through Backtesting previously.
  2. Demo or Real Account?: Choose the type of account based on your experience level. Beginners are advised to start with a demo account to understand the market before using real money. However, experienced traders who are still experiencing inconsistency can use a real account with small capital.

Starting Forward Testing

Begin Forward Testing with discipline and adhere to all rules in the trading system. Record all trading positions and their results for evaluation. Use a real account with controlled risk or a demo account depending on your needs.

Review and Improvement

After reaching around 100 trading positions, compare the Forward Testing results with the previous Backtest. Small differences may occur, but pay attention to significant changes that could be caused by factors such as lack of discipline in following system rules or changes in market conditions.

Make improvements to your trading system and strategy based on findings from Forward Testing. Ensure to adjust risk management, entry, and exit based on the results obtained.

Forward Testing is a crucial step in the development of a consistent and reliable trading system. Always take this process seriously and use its results to continually improve your trading performance. Do not hesitate to make adjustments to your trading system based on findings from Forward Testing.


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