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Easy Scalping Technique with Puria Method: An Effective Strategy for Scalpers

Interested in starting a career as a scalper but haven't found the right strategy yet? The easy scalping technique with the Puria method could be the suitable choice for you. In this discussion, we will explain the scalping technique using the Puria method. Although scalping is often considered a high-risk strategy, more and more traders in Indonesia are interested in this strategy. However, with its ease and advantages, the Puria method could be the right solution.

What is the Puria Method Scalping Technique?

The scalping technique with the Puria method may still sound unfamiliar to some Indonesian traders. In general, this technique utilizes average price movements and overbought or oversold conditions on specific currency pairs in the short term. Like scalping in general, the Puria method uses relatively small time frames, ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Indicators commonly used in Puria method scalping analysis are Moving Average and Oscillator, especially MACD. However, before using this technique, there are several things to understand, such as choosing currency pairs and setting profit targets.

Rules of Easy Scalping Technique with Puria Method

Like other trading strategies, this scalping technique has rules that must be followed. The aim is to reduce losses and increase profits, according to each trader's risk level. Here are some rules to consider:

  1. 1. Currency Pair Recommendations: Based on volatility and price movements, the Puria method provides recommendations for certain currency pairs. Each pair has a suggested time frame and profit target. For example:

    • AUD/JPY - M30 - TP 15 pips
    • NZD/USD - H1 - TP 25 pips
    • USD/CAD - H1 - TP 20 pips
    • etc.

  2. 2. Supporting Indicators: In the Puria method, you need several supporting indicators to analyze charts. Typically, the indicators used are Moving Average and MACD Oscillator. Installation rules are as follows:

    • Install 3 Moving Average indicators with periods of 85, 75, and 5.
    • Install MACD indicator with periods of 9, 26, 1.

  3. 3. Trading Rules:

    • Buy: When the 5-period MA crosses the 75 and 85-period MAs from bottom to top, and the MACD histogram is above the 0 level.
    • Sell: When the 5-period MA crosses the 75 and 85-period MAs from top to bottom, and the MACD histogram is below the 0 level.
    • Wait for the candlestick to confirm before opening a position.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Puria Method Scalping

Every trading strategy has its strengths and weaknesses. Here are some things to consider:

1. Advantages:

  • Comprehensive recommendations regarding currency pairs, time frames, and profit targets.
  • Easily understandable indicator signals, suitable for novice traders.
  • Entry signals appear frequently enough, meeting the needs of scalpers.

2. Disadvantages:

  • Risk of getting noise signals.
  • Signals tend to lag, requiring time for confirmation.

Becoming a scalper requires the right strategy. For learning traders, trying out the Puria method scalping technique is worth it. However, remember that scalping requires a good understanding of technical analysis and risk management. By understanding the rules and characteristics of this strategy, you can increase the chances of success in scalping trading.


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