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Conquering Forex Challenges: Overcoming Uncertainty and Psychology in Trading

Forex trading is considered difficult by many due to its requirement to "predict" price movements using various analyses, both technical and fundamental. Views on forex vary depending on individuals' understanding and perspectives. Some view forex as gambling, while others debate its religious permissibility, and so forth. Nonetheless, the forex business continues to grow rapidly and attract the interest of many.

Several reasons why forex is deemed difficult involve psychological aspects and the demand to predict price movements. Despite the fact that all one needs is an internet connection and a few mouse clicks to trade, forex traders are required to possess complex analytical skills. This is closely related to the psychological aspect as traders not only rely on technical knowledge but also must read and predict market movements.

The fundamental question arises: why do many people persist in this perceived difficult business? Some may seek to prove themselves as traders capable of overcoming forex challenges. Some may persist due to motivations such as revenge or considering it as a side or primary endeavor. In delving deeper into this business, it's important to reflect on why forex is considered difficult and what drives someone to continue engaging in this high-pressure activity.

From a personal standpoint, objections to forex arise because market participants are required to "predict" price movements. This is more psychological than technical, which can create high pressure. However, as human beings capable of rational thinking, we can overcome these challenges by creating clear and measurable systems tailored to each individual's characteristics.

Understanding that we are not fortune-tellers and that market movements are uncertain, building a system and strategy becomes the key to success in facing forex business. By recognizing the characteristics of the business and implementing measured steps, we can address the pressures and uncertainties associated with forex trading. Forex is not just about buying and selling, technical or fundamental analysis; it's a business activity with specific characteristics that require understanding and adaptation. Creating a solid system will help alleviate the journey in this business.


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