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Basic Guide and How to Use BBMA OA Indicator

  1. 1. Bollinger Bands (BB)
  • Functions as a sentiment determiner, bias indicator, and measures market volatility.
  • In BBMA OA, BB has two main conditions:
    • Sideways BB: When Top, Mid, and Low BB are parallel, indicating the market is ranging or sideways.
    • Expanding BB: When the price successfully breaks through Top/Low BB and closes outside the BB, indicating a new momentum in the market.
  1. 2. Moving Average (MA)
  • Averages the price over a period of time to determine trend direction and dynamic support/resistance levels.
  • In BBMA OA, several MAs are used with their respective functions.
  1. 3. BBMA OA Entry Rules:
  • Extremum: Occurs when MA 5/10 exits from Top or Low BB, followed by a Reversal candle that closes inside the BB or near MA5. Entry is made on the Retest candle after the extremum occurs.
  • Market Losing Volume (MHV): Occurs after an extremum, marked by a candlestick failing to retest Top/Low BB. Various patterns such as Double Top, Triple Top, Head and Shoulder, and Inverse Head and Shoulder can indicate MHV.
  • Reentry: Involves Candlestick Direction (CSA) and Candlestick Momentum (CSM) as initial signals. Entry is made at MA5/10 High or Low after the price movement follows the current trend direction.

How to Trade with BBMA OA:

  • Identify Extremum, MHV, or Reentry signals.
  • Enter trades according to market conditions and identified trend directions.
  • Focus on one type of entry if you're still a beginner, or allocate one entry per account if you've mastered all types of entries.
  • Ensure only enter positions at MA5/10 High/Low to avoid unnecessary risks.


  1. 1. What is the function of the BBMA OA indicator?
    • High entry accuracy, low floating time, and the ability to layer entries.
  1. 2. What are the accurate BBMA OA indicator settings?
    • Use standard settings for Bollinger Bands (20, 20, 0) and adjust the period and method for Moving Averages.
  1. 3. What is the BBMA OA indicator?
    • BBMA OA indicator is a combination of Bollinger Bands and Moving Averages developed by Malaysian trader named Oma Ally, known for its high entry accuracy.
  1. 4. How to trade with BBMA?
    • Identify entry signals such as Extremum, MHV, and Reentry, then enter trades according to the identified trend direction and predefined rules.


BBMA OA is a trading system that combines Bollinger Bands and Moving Averages, known for its high entry accuracy. There are three types of entries: Extremum, MHV, and Reentry, each with its own entry rules and conditions. Make sure to only enter positions at MA5/10 High/Low and master each type of entry before trading with BBMA OA. 


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