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Attitudes When Making Profits and Losses in Trading

In the world of trading, both profit and loss are common occurrences. However, it is important to maintain the right attitude when facing both situations. Let's further examine the reactions of traders when making profits and experiencing losses:

When Making Profits:
When our trading yields profit, sometimes it occurs without specific planning. Although our analysis may be less accurate, sometimes we still profit due to luck factors. Under normal conditions, profit is usually obtained from thorough analysis. However, sometimes luck also plays a role.

Reactions that may arise when making profits include feelings of joy, pride, or even a sense of mastering the market due to trading success. These are natural reactions experienced by traders worldwide, regardless of their level of experience. Some traders may also feel inclined to showcase their profit results on social media.

When Experiencing Losses:
However, besides making profits, failures in trading also occur frequently. Loss is a part of the learning process and cannot be entirely avoided. Although we hope to make a profit every time, the reality is that losses will also occur.

Reactions when experiencing losses may vary. Some traders may feel sad, frustrated, desperate, or even quit trading. Facing losses and deciding to cut losses can also be a challenging experience.

Profits and losses are inseparable parts of forex trading. Our attitudes in facing both will affect our trading psychology. It is important to recognize our own reactions when making profits and experiencing losses.

If we only focus on profits and cannot accept losses, it can put significant pressure on our psychology. Self-reflection and understanding our reactions to both situations can help improve our confidence as traders.

By understanding our reactions to profit and loss, we can develop a more balanced attitude and not be swayed by market movements. This is an important step in improving the quality of our trading.


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