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Applying Four Trading Agreements: Becoming a Successful Trader

Don Miguel Ruiz, a Mexican author, introduced "The Four Agreements," or four agreements that can serve as guidelines for achieving success. How can these four agreements be applied in the trading world?

  1. 1. Honor Every Word:

  2. In the trading world, words have a significant impact. Commitment to words involves discipline towards trading plans and established strategies. Traders need to ensure they adhere to risk management rules and trading times they've set. Success in trading can be greatly influenced by how well traders uphold commitments and execute their trading plans.

  3. 2. Avoid Subjective Judgment:

  4. It's important to avoid subjective judgments about the market. Traders should not get caught in the mindset that the market is always against them or that they're always unlucky. Objective evaluation of trading methods and strategies can help avoid detrimental judgment errors. Awareness that the market has its own dynamics that aren't always predictable is a crucial step towards success.

  5. 3. Avoid Hasty Assumptions:

  6. Quick assumptions can potentially pose significant risks. Traders need to be patient and gather sufficient information before making decisions. Impulsive actions due to overly quick assumptions can lead to unwise trading decisions. Patience and diligence in gathering information are key to making better trading decisions.

  7. 4. Do Your Best:

  8. Doing your best in trading involves a commitment to executing trading plans with discipline. This includes adhering to risk management, maintaining consistency in trading execution, and continuously self-assessing. Successful traders are those who are committed to giving their best in every aspect of their trading. Although outcomes may not always meet expectations, doing your best can provide satisfaction knowing that every effort has been given.

Don Miguel Ruiz's four agreements can serve as valuable guidelines in the trading world. By honoring every word, avoiding subjective judgments, avoiding hasty assumptions, and doing their best in every trading step, a trader can build a strong mental foundation. These principles help overcome challenges and uncertainties that may be encountered in their trading journey, bringing them closer to success in the dynamic financial markets.


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