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Active Trading Strategies: A Comprehensive Guide to Success in Trading

In the world of trading, active strategies require careful and planned approaches. This article will delve into four common active trading strategies, providing a deep understanding of each strategy.

  1. 1. Day Trading:

Day trading involves buying and selling trading instruments within a single day. Initially, this practice was only carried out by experienced traders, but with technological advancements, even novice traders can engage in day trading. This approach demands quick analysis and accurate decision-making within a short period.

  1. 2. Position Trading:

Although position trading is often considered a buy-and-hold strategy, when used wisely by experienced traders, it can be part of active trading. In position trading, traders use charts with longer time frames to identify market trends. Typically, trading positions last for several days or even longer.

  1. 3. Swing Trading:

Swing traders seek opportunities from price volatility that occurs when trends end. They analyze technically or fundamentally to determine the right moment to buy or sell trading instruments. This strategy is suitable for markets showing clear directional movements.

  1. 4. Scalping:

Scalping is the fastest strategy in active trading, where traders attempt to capitalize on small price differentials or movements in a short time. Scalpers look for opportunities from small movements that frequently occur, holding their positions for a very short period. They usually target liquid markets to increase transaction frequency.

Costs in Trading Strategies:

Active trading strategies have significant profit potential but also require significant expenses. Commissions, order execution, as well as hardware and software costs are some of the cost factors to consider when choosing a trading strategy.

Active traders should consider the risks and costs associated with each trading strategy before implementing them. Although active trading strategies offer great profit potential, thorough calculations are needed to ensure long-term success. With a deep understanding of the strategies used and careful planning, traders can increase their chances of success in active trading.


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